Local Cheese & Dairy

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Harpersfield Cheese

Each step in the cheese making process is carefully crafted by the cheese maker. The cheese is aged in an underground area where the temperature and humidity are controlled until the full flavor is developed. During the aging period, each wheel is washed and examined with care.

Catskill Country Store

Catskill Country Store provides the community with a place to get fresh, local, and delicious food sourced from the owner's farm or other local farms.

Lucky Dog Farm and Farm Store

Lucky Dog Farm and Farm Store offers their own organic vegetables and a mix of local products ranging from artisan cheese to fresh baked bread.

Pepacton Natural Foods

Pepacton Natural Foods offers a full line of groceries, fresh organic produce, vegetarian food, gluten and dairy free products, bulk foods, fine coffees, imported cheese, vitamins & herbs, gift baskets, and personal care items. […]

Old Chatham Sheephearding Company

Produced in New York’s Hudson Valley, Old Chatham Sheepherding Company’s sheep’s milk cheese and yogurt are celebrated for their uniqueness and distinctive flavors.

Sprout Creek Farm

Sprout Creek Farm is a 200 acre live and learn farm practicing Grass Based Production. The farm market and creamery offer homemade artisanal cheeses.

Hawthorne Valley Farm

Hawthorne Valley Farm has been producing high-quality, nutritious food for more than 35 years. The farm includes a certified organic bakery producing yeasted and sourdough breads baked fresh each morning cookies, scones, rolls, and pastries made daily, wheat-free breads and cookies, and organic and biodynamic grains milled on site. The certified organic dairy produces farmstead yogurt, quark, and cheeses, raw milk available at the Farm Store.