Craftsmen's Gallery - Frank Lloyd Wright-style Dining Room Table and Chairs in oakCraftsmen’s Gallery specializes in the design and construction of Arts & Crafts Style crafted furniture with 3 distinct lines.

Dwayne Colp of Craftsmen’s Gallery became a woodworker after thirty odd years in the antiques business, specializing in the American Arts & Crafts movement. Doing restoration of original Stickley furniture for major galleries, as well as his own customers, gave him an insight into the joinery, design, and finishing of hundred year old antiques, and a passionate love for the style.

Images From Craftsmen’s Gallery:

Craftsmen’s Gallery Design Line:

Stickley (Mission) Style
Featuring through-tenons, keyed tenons, dowelled joints, splined tops and authentic looking finishes that Gustav would be proud of.

Greene & Greene
Constructed with square ebony pegs, breadboard ends with ebony splines, “cloudlift” aprons or stretchers, softer, more rounded edges.

Frank Lloyd Wright Collection
Featuring long, low “prairie-style” proportions, square spindles, stacked feet, 1/4″ inlaid molding accentuating the horizontal lines and beveled top edges.