Flutewalker Native American Style FlutesFlutewalker Native American Style Flutes are handcrafted by musician artisan Werner John. Flutewalker flutes feature impeccable workmanship that results in a beautiful, long lasting instrument. Richness and clarity of tone for sensitive musical expression. Precise tuning to play with other instruments. Undercut toneholes for smooth clear response. Ceramic windway inlays for stability of tone quality.

Werner John has long been drawn to the evocative voices of ancient wood flutes. For the last 25 years he has endeavored to follow this passion wherever it leads. Today, he can be found in his workshop designing and handcrafting flutes; in his studio working on newly composed music; or on stage exploring long lost sounds of our home planet in his Flutewalker Story Concerts. Werner’s unique musical art is a blend of indigenous, classical and nature elements which can soothe the stresses of life while evoking our roots and a sense of connection to the natural world.