Samwell Leather Co - The Roamer WalletSamwell Leather currently offers about a dozen products, from keychains to leather-wrapped flasks. These items are the result of no small amount of trial and error – just ask anyone who owns one of our first keychains. Everything we sell was first tested by close friends and family, who came back to us weeks later with design notes and feedback on how they could be improved.

Samwell Leather Co., doesn’t throw around the word “handmade” lightly. You won’t find a single machine-made stitch on any one of our products. We hand cut all of the leather and make our own stitch holes with a punch and mallet. We thread our own needles with waxed linen thread and hand set every button snap and rivet. We bevel and burnish our edges by hand, and on and on it goes.

Everything we make could more or less be made with the same tools that were popular a century ago. Here’s why we do this: the durability that comes with hand stitching a product is second to none, including fancy Italian sewing machines. The attention to detail that comes with truly making something with your hands could never be achieved in a factory that cranks out hundreds of the same items every day. The end result is one you can tell is handmade, a product with character that you feel blessed to have found and one you can call your own.

Some of the Samwell Leather Co. Products: