The Misshapened Bowl - Maple Wood BowlThe Misshapened Bowl creates using only reclaimed hardwood trees, and an occasional soft wood when warranted, from New York State, especially Westchester County.

My wood bowls require about 6 months to produce. Most wood turners turn their bowls when the wood is ‘green’, meaning that the wood has significant amounts of moisture. After turning, bowls need to be carefully dried in order to prevent them from cracking. This can take me about 3 months to complete.

Following drying, bowls are attached again to the wood lathe and sanded. After sanding, they are treated with pure Tung Oil, a food approved oil from the Tung tree, Vernicia fordii, allow it to dry and re-rub it again with the oil. After the oil has dried, the bowl is resanded and a marine spar or beeswax/tung oil rubbed finish is applied.

Some products from The Misshapened Bowl: