Sawkill FarmSawkill Farm is a family farm in northern Dutchess County, New York, that raises wholesome and delicious meat and value-added products. We sell grass-fed beef & lamb, pastured pork & poultry and fresh eggs; as well as farm soap, lamb pelts, and wool products. Our farm store is open year-round.

Images from Sawkill Farm:

From the Sawkill Farm Store:


BEEF Our cows are 100% grass fed & finished and are rotated through 60 acres of fresh grass during the growing season. During the winter they are fed high quality hay from our own pastures.

PORK Our pigs are living the high life in the shaded canopy of Sawkill Farm’s woods. Fed whey from a local cheese maker and spent grain from a local distillery, these are happy little guys.

LAMB Our 100% grass-fed & grass-finished sheep are motley crew of different breeds (Romney, Gotland, Finn, Lincoln) that we breed together to get the finest, most lustrous wool as well as the most desirable, fine-boned meat.

EGGS A mix of blue & brown, our deep yellow yolked eggs come from a mix of heritage breed, pasture raised chickens including Aracauna, Rhode Island Reds, Cuckoo Marans & Black Australorps.


Our farm soaps are made from 100% natural and local ingredients. Our soaps are traditionally-made, using leaf lard and beef tallow as the base. Because we don’t put any preservatives or artificial ingredients in our soaps, these soaps are good for your body and good for the environment. Stop by the store or the markets to see what scents are available.


LAMB PELTS In our efforts to make good use of the whole animal on our farm, we save our lamb pelts, cure them and send them our for tanning. Because we raise different wool breeds with a spectrum of colored coats, each pelt is unique and one-of-a-kind.

WOOL The farm sells naturally-colored skeins of wool from our very own cross-bred flock of sheep: Finnsheep, Gottland, Romney, and Lincoln.


We feature artisanal goods from the best producers in the Hudson Valley, Brooklyn and other select locations across the US. Their high quality products are not only tasty, but use local and sustainable ingredients.