Pugh Farms PoultryPugh Farms is a small farm operation based in Newburgh, NY, raising all natural pastured poultry,  and farm fresh eggs.

All Pugh Farms chickens are pastured, when they’re not eating the goodies they find on pasture, they’re fed locally milled grains. The ducks are also on pasture with a selection of grains and given swimming water, which they love. They sell their poultry fresh at processing time, and it’s always available frozen. You can find Pugh Farms at farmers’ markets, or you can join their CSA (Community Supported Agriculture).

Eggs are multiple shades of brown, white and green, and due to their freedom to range, eating bugs and grass, the eggs are high in Omega 3’s and their bright orange yolks are firm. The hens are well cared for, clean, and unmedicated.