Raji's Divine Delights - Cashew Coconut ConfectionsRaji’s Divine Delights creates nutritious and delicious treats that are vegan, organic, dairy free and gluten free, sweetened only with maple syrup.

These confections combine the slow burning triglycerides of coconuts with the antioxidant rich, energizing properties of cacao, strawberry , mango and cashew butter, and a touch of local maple syrup for a whole food sweetener. Containing 100% Organic coconut, coconut oil, vanilla, sea salt and maple syrup, as the base ingredients, Raji’s Divine Delights are a guiltless indulgence that you can feel good about eating.

You can find Raji’s Divine Delights in specialty shops throughout the Hudson Valley area and in New York City. Check their website for locations.

Images from Raji’s Divine Delights

Delights from Raji’s Divine Delights:
CACAO COCONUT CONFECTIONS are made with cacao, coconut, coconut oil, vanilla, sea salt and pure, maple syrup and then rolled in toasted sunflower seeds with a blend of spices…and of course, made with lots of love!

CASHEW COCONUT CONFECTIONS ~ I call them the “blondie” version! Instead of Cacao there is Cashew Butter and instead of rolled in Toasted Sunflower Seeds the “blondies” are rolled in Toasted Coconut! YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMM…..These are FLYING out the door! So decadent ~ you are going to LOVE them!

STRAWBERRY COCONUT CONFECTIONS ~ Instead of Cacao or Cashew Butter, we add organic, freeze dried strawberries and then they are rolled in Toasted Coconut. These tasty strawberry treats have a fresh, tart taste of strawberry and are sweetened only with – of course – maple syrup! Now you can bring the taste of summer strawberries into your life – anytime of the year!

MANGO COCONUT CONFECTIONS – Instead of Cacao, Cashew, or Strawberry, we add organic, freeze dried Mango and roll them in toasted coconut. These Mango Confections have a tart / sweet Mango flavor that bursts in your mouth with each bite.