Shunpike Dairy FarmShunpike Dairy received NYS certification to sell raw milk in July, 2010. After several months of remodeling the milk room that was used for conventional dairying for decades, we finally met with approval to begin the adventure of opening up our doors to any and all that wanted to buy raw milk.

The Brown Swiss and Jersey are considered to give “creamier” milk, Holsteins and Ayshires give “more” milk. The variety however is nice for educational purposes for visitors, and they look great out in the pasture!

No antibiotics or hormones are ever given to the cows, but the main reason the milk tastes so good, is because our cows are stress-free. Fluctuations in flavor are due to changes in feed, much harder to keep consistent in winter when no pasture is available.

Shunpike Dairy - CowsShunpike Dairy remains, and hopes to not only continue the tradition of dairy farming, but also to open its doors to the community, both young and old alike.

Here, you can learn the art of dairy farming — talk to the farmer that operates it, meet the cows, the calves, the pigs, our horse, dog and cats, experience life on a farm, or just buy raw milk.

All visitors, including well-behaved children, are welcome to enter the barn and meet our cows and calves. Milking time is 6am and 5pm if anyone would like to watch the cows get milked.