Gourmetibles 1Gourmetibles is the candy that thinks it’s a cookie. Gourmetibles come in seven delicious flavors of the best tasting confection to be created in years.

These gourmet snacks have been described as “too good to share” and “so good they’re evil”. People who try it usually buy it, those who buy it can’t seem to get enough. Try some for yourself and experience the flavor you’ll love eating. A number of these taste delights are available gluten free.

Regina Furphy and Anne St. George, sisters and creators of all the irresistible Gourmetibles creations:
“We have fond childhood memories associated with the candy and treats of our childhood, and during times of personal upheaval, we can take an inexpensive and immediate step back to simpler times with a sweet treat.”

A few Gourmetibles views
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