The Hudson Standard ShrubsThe Hudson Standard aims to raise the quality of small batch cocktail bitters and syrups by featuring the pure flavors of the Hudson Valley.

Shrubs originate from a Colonial American tradition of blending 
fruit, spice, vinegar and sweetener to make a tart and delicious syrup. Our shrubs make fantastic cocktail mixers, or when combined with seltzer, a refreshing natural soda.

Our syrups, called shrubs, are distinctly tart and sweet, blending seasonal fruits and spices with organic apple cider vinegar. Our bitters are made by finding the best quality ingredients from our area, and extracting the bright clear expressions of the individual elements. All of our products are handcrafted, natural and sustainable.

Some products from The Hudson Standard

Concord Grape Shrub
The classic purity of sweet concord grape juice is blended with red wine vinegar and apple cider vinegar to add depth with a tart yet smooth finish. Concord Grape Shrub pairs well with gin, vodka, light rum and champagne. Also try it with muddled herbs like rosemary and basil with seltzer for a fantastic soda.

Cassis Berry Shrub
Cassis, aka black currant, is one of our favorite berries. This gorgeous purple shrub combines black currants, black raspberries, vinegar, and organic sugar resulting in a sweetly layered tartness with hints of chocolate and jam. This one is so versatile; drink it with water or seltzer, mix with prosecco, rum, vodka, or ale, and don’t forget to cook with it. It makes a great duck sauce!

Strawberry Rhubarb Shrub
Our signature early summer flavor, this shrub is super versatile, with its balance of sweet and tart, and vivid aroma. It makes a superb natural soda alternative for kids and thirsty adults alike. We mix it with rum and bourbon mostly, but for a light cocktail, top this shrub soda with a splash of Aperol. Our Strawberry Rhubarb shrub makes a great ingredient in salad dressing and desserts too.

Pure Honey Ginger Shrub

This was our very first recipe and it is still dearest to our hearts. We source our pears from orphaned orchards and low-spray family farms in the Hudson Valley. Elegant pear flavor, warm ginger and the satisfying touch of honey evoke the warmth of the harvest and holiday season. We found a perfect gin for this flavor, and it “pears” well with rum and bourbon!

Raspberry Verbena
This shrub blends bold, fresh raspberry flavor with the lemony brightness of verbena. It is so easy to love this one, with its beautiful color and great, raspberry flavor. It’s zippy, light, aromatic and delicious. Try with vodka, gin, sparkling wines or aperitifs.