The Gluten-Free Dessert KitchenThe Gluten-Free Dessert Kitchen is a small gluten-free bakery and kitchen that specializes in the creation and production of gluten-free soups, quiches and baked items. They are happy to help with other allergies as well.  The Gluten-Free Dessert Kitchen sells direct to the consumer at Farmers Markets (both summer and winter); through orders delivered by shipping and/or for pick-up at mutually convenient places. To place an order you must email or telephone in your order.

You’re going to have to watch out for the people in your house who aren’t gluten-free because they will go right through your gluten-free items from The Gluten-Free Dessert Kitchen like a bunch of locusts.

Some selections from The Gluten-Free Dessert Kitchen:

Oatmeal Raisin Cookies  —  thesecontain very expensive gluten-free oatmeal.  However, they are wonderful….

Fresh Peach Pie — in season only.  Just the sight of a fresh peach on a fruit stand in NYC has been know to trigger a sudden need for a B&B reservation as long as I’m making peach crisp or pie!

Brownies — our brownies are always made dairy-free.  You may choose plain, frosted with chocolate dairy-free frosting or genuine buttercream frosting. Nuts or no nuts on request. 

Chocolate Walnut Pie — the previously mentioned crust, chocolate and walnuts.  It doesn’t get any better than this.  Once our new kitchen is approved, we will be able to sell this delightful dessert.