Wild foraged Shawangunk loose teaHere’s a find for both tea lovers and tea tasters. Foraged in the Shawangunk Mountains and sold by Lagusta’s Delicious in New Paltz.

“This lush tea is hand-picked by a master forager deep in the Shawangunk mountains. It’s so far beyond organic that some other sort of designation should be invented just for it: mega-wild, or ultra-organic. It is carefully dried in the sun and delivered to our shop, where we package it and drink a pot of it every cool morning.

Each batch of tea has slight variations in ingredients due to the seasonal nature of the product, but the flavor is usually mild, lightly sweet, and perfumed with the rich essense of the mountains.”

And here are the various elements that may turn up in this seemingly soothing brew:
Ingredients: (may contain): Amaranth, anise hyssop, aster flower, avocado leaf, bee balm, birch, blackberry, catkins, carob, citrus leaf, cleome, cola mint, currant leaf, daisy, daylilly, Egyptian mint, elderberry, evening primrose, fennel, ginko, goldenrod, hops, horsetail, Japanese knotweed, lemon balm, lobelia, longan peel, marigold, midsummer fleabane, mugwort, mulberry, oregano, parsnip seed, peach leaf, pear leaf, plum leaf, purple flowering loosestrife, raspberry leaf, red clover, rose, sassafrass, shiso, smokebush, spearmint, sumac, sweet annie, tansey, thyme, tulip tree, velvet leaf, white pine, white sapote leaf, wild carrot flowers, wild sunflower, wood sorrel, yarrow.