Black Forest Flammkuchen Hudson FlammBlack Forest Flammkuchen is a Hudson Valley food truck. They are a mobile restaurant with a wood­‐fired brick oven, serving a fresh and international interpretation of the traditional Alsatian and Black Forest regional pizza-like snack, flammkuchen.

Flammkuchen (in German) or Tarte Flambée (in French) is an ultra-thin, crispy pizza-like snack. Traditionally, bakers in the region between Germany’s Black Forest and France’s Alsace-Lorraine would use Flamms to test the heat of their brick ovens. How fast the Flamms cooked was an indication of whether or not the ovens were the right temperature for their bread-baking needs. As an added bonus, the staff got to eat the awesomely creamy yet crispy “thermometers” for family meals afterwards.

“Our year-round menu items are built from scratch using only the finest of local ingredients directly from the farms of Hudson Valley. We start with local whole grain flour for our flamm dough, spread it with a generous dose of spiced Hudson Valley Fresh sour cream, a sprinkle of fresh-grated nutmeg, and finish it off with all the delicious ingredients our local farmer, butcher and cheese-monger partners have worked so hard to cultivate. After that, the flamms head right into our wood-fired brick oven. Result: an awesomely delicious snack straight from the Black Forest.”

Check the Black Forest Flammkuchen website for upcoming locations.

Black Forest Flammkuchen Menu Sampler:
Spiced crème, thin-sliced red onion, smoked bacon lardons, aged Alpine cheese, chives 8.00

Spiced crème, goat cheese, escarole, roasted baby carrots, bronze fennel, pickled scapes 9.00
Chipotle crème, thin-sliced red onion, guajillo-braised Berkshire pork shoulder, fresh mozzarella, cilantro 9.50

Spiced crème, juniper-caraway sauerkraut, shaved potato, aged Alpine cheese, house-made Berkshire bratwurst, chives 9.00

Spiced crème, fresh mozzarella, goat cheese, aged Alpine cheese, roasted garlic oil, ramps 8.50

Tomato crème, fresh mozzarella, balsamic glaze, fresh basil 7.50