B Balls MeatballsB Balls Meatballs. Home of the Busted Ball Sandwich is open Monday through Thursday until 8 pm and Friday and Saturday until 9pm.

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Selections form B Balls Meatballs Menu:

  • Blue Balls – Meatballs with melted provolone, bacon, crumbled blue cheese, creamy blue cheese dressing
  • Buffalo Balls – Fried Meatballs tossed in crumbled blue cheese and buffalo sauce with Monterey Jack
  • Baci Balls – Meatballs with prosciutto, fresh mozzarella, roasted pepper with an o&v mayo compote
  • Disco Balls – Fried Meatballs with fried onion rings, mozzarella, brown gravy
  • Hernia – Baked meatballs with layers of cheese, chili, onion, scrambled egg
  • Mexican Jumping Balls – Fried Meatballs, sour cream, guacamole, cheddar cheese, onion, salsa, and jalapenos served in a bread bowl
  • Shweaty Balls – Classic Meatball Parm with our own sauce.
  • Gyro Balls – Meatballs with Greek Gyro Meat, tzatziki sauce, red onion, lettuce and tomatoes on a toasted hero
  • Cordon Blue Balls – Meatballs on a toasted hero with Boar’s Head Deluxe Ham and Swiss, topped with mayo and spicy mustard
  • Chipotle Balls – Meatballs tossed in authentic chipotle sauce laid on a bed of refried beans topped with Queso Fresco cheese toast in the oven
  • Mack Daddy Balls – Meatballs layered with American cheese, Thousand Island dressing chunky style with Boar’s Head pickle and onion</li