Caribreeze Vegetarian CafeCaribreeze Vegetarian Cafe and restaurant offers a great selection of entrées, light snacks, pastries, and drinks that health-conscious foodies will surely love. The menu consists of Jamaican, Ital, and Caribbean vegetarian cuisines.


Images from Caribreeze Vegetarian Cafe:

Selections from the Caribreeze Vegetarian Cafe Menu:

Pepper Steak (Seitan) – Run Down Seitan in Coconut Sauce – Sweet and Sour Tofu (Soy) – Brown Rice and Beans – Boiled Whole Wheat Dumplings – Scallop Potatoes in Cashew Sauce – Rasta Pasta – Eggplant Parmesan – Vegan Lasagna – Macaroni and Cashew Cheese – Boiled Sweet Potato – Whole Wheat Dumpling – Callaloo (Jamaican Spinach) – Run Down Vegetables in Curry or Coconut Sauce – Shiitake Mushroom Stew – Curry Chick Peas (Chana Masala) – Red Kidney Bean Stew – Pigeon Peas (Gungho Peas) Soup – Pumpkin Soup – Carrot Cake – Currant Rolls – Sweet Potato Pudding – Peanut Punch With Almond Milk – Ginger Beer – Herbal Roots Tonic.