Oak Summit VineyardOak Summit Vineyard makes only great Pinot Noir, and great Chardonnay. They are 100% Estate Bottled with only grapes from our own vineyard. There are no other grapes allowed in our wine, and we add no artificial colors, flavors, etc. What you get in the bottle is what you see in the vineyard.

In mid-October, when our valley is ablaze with the golds and crimson of Autumn and the evenings are cooled by the Northwest breezes, we set about the harvest.

We hand select our crop at 23.5 Brix, remove the stems, and ferment the must in a cooled, stainless steel tank. Thereafter, we continue the vinification in the finest, traditional Burgundian manner, and age our Pinot Noir in oak barrels from the Troncais region of the Allier Forest.