mainHudson Valley Main Street Back In The Day is a retrospective visual tour of some of the unique streets in our hamlets, villages, and cities, that people call their hometown. It’s about the classic Main Street before the big box retailers drove the locally owned businesses out and Pied Pipered shoppers off to the cookie cutter malls.

All of these streets are not named “Main Street”. It’s the spirit of the name that applies globally to any street where the community gathers to shop, get things done, be entertained, or just visit with other folks.Read more

My hat goes off to the tenacious people who have worked so diligently to facilitate the renaissance on Hudson Valley Main Streets. To the merchants who had the grit and tenacity to hang in through tough times, and to those merchants who had the audacity to move in, fight the odds, and help fuel the rebirth. And of course, to the those who kept the faith and the local spirit, and who by doing so kept the fires of rebirth and revitalization burning.