Hudson Valley HorrorsDid you know that there are horrors rolling around the Hudson Valley? No, they’re not the bogus Hollywood kind like Freddy Krueger or Poltergeist. These horrors make those guys look like Mister Rogers.

Believe it or not, it’s a group of young ladies who on the surface don’t look at all horrible. Actually, most look like sorority girls from one of our local colleges. Hey, don’t let that “girl next door” stuff fool you. Once they tie up their skates and pull on their colors they are mysteriously transformed into the Hudson Valley Horrors Roller Derby.

I think it’s great, a Roller Derby team right here in the Hudson Valley. How many communities can boast of that? Oh, c’mon, Roller Derby is a sport, and yes it can get rough but so can football, and hockey, and basketball, and first grade recess.  Anyway, it’s a one-of-a-kind exciting sport that can get your juices going especially when the teams are competitive and professional. And it’s right here in the Hudson River Valley.