Serge Young - New KitchenSerge Young, Architect is based in New York’s Hudson Valley and was founded in 2006. Serge thinks that good architecture has the ability to improve the quality of peoples’ lives. He believes that good architecture is achieved when all parties involved, the client, architect and builder-are personally invested and have positive, honest working relationships.

Serge feels strongly about maintaining an open and personal dialogue with his clients. Being a good listener, observer and communicator, Serge is able to decipher his client’s aspirations and develop fitting design solutions that are also appropriate to regional, historic, urban, and natural contexts. Serge takes pride in generating design solutions that surprise his clients and exceed their expectations.

In his work Serge Young strives to create spaces and places that inspire people, promote healthy living, connect people to the broader world and are sensitive to nature. Meticulously working out every detail, he aims to create elegant design solutions. The spaces people inhabit influence their moods and psychological well-being. Serge thoughtfully designs spaces with equal value placed on both the visual aesthetic and feeling of each space.