CO is a cooperatively-owned community center, with shared workspaces, a vibrant event venue, and coworking, dedicated to providing premium space for us all to be more productive, collaborative, and joyful in our work.

Our architect-designed building is optimized for productivity and flexibility, and provides the perfect backdrop for inspiration. We host gatherings of all sizes, from one-on-one meetings to company-wide retreats. We design space rentals for your specific needs, and can accommodate executive off-sites, workshops, innovation sessions, community meetings, and private gala events.

We also offer a variety of coworking memberships for those looking to get work done in community. Daily, part-time or full-time coworking memberships mean that you can work in our shared space, or at your own dedicated desk. So you can finally get out of the daily coffee-shop grind!

CO is cooperatively-owned because our business model mirrors our mission to serve and bolster our community of change-makers, entrepreneurs and business professionals. We are committed to building a future of shared resources and supportive networks. CO is located in the heart of the Hudson Valley in the village of Rhinebeck, NY.

CO Desk Exchange Program

The Desk Exchange program brings together a group of freelancers, artists, entrepreneurs and CO-workers who share the responsibilities of the day-to-day running of CO. In exchange for this donated time, CO supports you by providing full access to membership resources and meaningful connection to our community.

What Is Coworking

Coworking is exploding and we’re so excited to bring it to Rhinebeck! It is a trend that goes along with a new vision for the future of work, as more and more people are able to work remotely, from a laptop.

Rather than relying on coffee-shops or working from home, a coworking space allows you to have the benefits of a professional work environment, while providing the economical flexibility and access to community of a shared workspace.