The Peekskill Sustainability Network (PSN) is a platform for bringing ecologically-minded, climate-concerned residents of the City of Peekskill together to share ideas, implement projects, and plan for an uncertain future. Inspired by grassroots community groups like Peekskill Walks and initiatives like the Peekskill Community Congress, our goal is to encourage discussion, support our neighbors, and collaborate for real sustainability and resilience in our City.

The focal point of the PSN is the Forum – this is where members begin discussions, share ideas, organize mutual aid efforts, and propose projects. Urban gardeners, backyard composters, community organizers, food foragers and environmental planners – all are encouraged to join!

Peekskill Sustainability Network Projects

Food Security

  • Peekskill Seed Exchange: Bring local gardeners together to swap organic seeds, share growing tips, and foster a culture of food sovereignty in the city of Peekskill.
  • Food Donations: Coordinate seasonal drop-offs of fresh, homegrown produce to local food pantries and soup kitchens.
  • Pop-Up Nurseries: Encourage backyard gardeners to share extra seedlings with neighbors via city-wide “take one, leave one” pop-up nurseries.
  • Peekskill Food Forest: Advocate for the planting of beneficial, native, food-producing fruit and nut trees in public spaces such as school grounds, city parks, sidewalks, and the riverfront.

Climate Adaptation

  • Community Composting: Educate residents on the benefits of backyard composting for soil health and greenhouse gas mitigation.
  • Peekskill Eco-Districts: Advocate for and encourage the adoption of an ecologically-minded approach to urban planning at the neighborhood scale.

Community Resiliency

  • Lending Library: Create a cooperative network of residents willing to share tools, skills, and labor.
  • Vacant Spaces Inventory: Document and map vacant or underutilized space in the city, with proposals for innovative and beneficial community uses.