Tomorrow Tomorrow Farm is a youth mentoring program using animals to teach children mutual respect for one another and their shared environment. A favorite program uses the horse to teach children kindness and empathy, which will enable creating trust and power between them. It’s an empirical power when a 1,200 pound ex-racehorse Thoroughbred follows a child like a puppy. It’s beautiful to watch,

Children’s Programs At Tomorrow Tomorrow Farm

Programs are open for all kids, including those with developmental challenges, teaching empathy and kindness. Working with horses and other animals in nature teaches children just how peaceful life can be. There’s no clock running, no social demands, no imposed standards, all of which can make a child feel nervous or different. For horses, time is an illusion, and they aren’t on a schedule. Horses just see children as friends. In our supervised programs, including those for children on the autism spectrum, kids connect deeply with animals through touch, grooming, feeding, and if ready, taking a safe horse ride in the ring with adults guiding. To horses, no child is different. If anyone is kind to a horse, the horse will be responsive.

For good old-fashioned R&R, come pitch your tent or park your camper pond-side for overnights. Bring the kids! They’ll get to meet, interact with and learn about the animals. Experience life on a farm. Come spend time in the quiet, fresh air, and beauty of nature (click on Gallery for a glimpse of the surroundings). Explore trails in the woods accompanied by some goats if you want! It’s also a great place to meditate, paint or write. There are spectacular sunsets, nights filled with stars, and sunrises that will restore you. Reasonable rates, some of which may be tax deductible.

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