Wheatley FarmsWheatley Farms in Dutchess County, raises young beef on pesticide free pastures and on feed with no hormones, animal byproducts, or antibiotics.

Our pasture-raised Young Beef are born in the spring, to coincide with maximal fresh grass availability. They grow on mother’s milk, pasture grass, and supplemental grain. They never see a feedlot. Their supplemental feed never contains hormones, animal byproducts, or antibiotics. Their pastures have been free of pesticides and herbicides for over 30 years. The result is a distinct, appreciable, naturally flavored and naturally textured beef. Eating our beef ensures that you are making a deliciously responsible choice.

Wheatley Farms is located in a rural area of Dutchess County in the Hudson Valley of New York State. We believe in locally-grown healthful food, the humane treatment of animals, and environmentally sound stewardship of the land.

You can purchase Wheatley Farms beef products online or directly at Wheatley’s section of the BigRock Farms farm-stand, located at:

Available cuts:

Tenderloin (Whole) TY
enderloin Steak
Rib Eye Steak (Boneless)
Rib Eye Steak (Bone-in)
Porterhouse Steak
Sirloin Strip Steak (NY Strip)
T-Bone Steak
Standing Rib Roast
Boneless NY Sirloin
Top Round Steak
Round London Broil Steak
Chuck Steak (Bone-in)
Shoulder London Broil Steak
Standing Rib Roast
Top Round Roast (Oven Roast)
Bottom Round Roast (Pot Roast) – Eye Round Roast (Oven Roast)
Chuck Roast (Bone-in)(Pot Roast)