Center for Metal ArtsThe Center for Metal Arts was launched in 2003 to pass on the knowledge of blacksmithing and fine metal arts. They provide a forum for accomplished smiths to pass on their knowledge of technique and process while providing a hands-on learning exchange for the wider lay audience.

The Center For Metal Arts holds regularly scheduled workshops and seminars on a broad array of blacksmithing and metal arts topics.

The Center for Metal Arts is equipped with 12 working stations for hammer work at the anvil, power hammer stations, gas and coal forges, and a classroom area. The ergonomic anvil stands hold Habermann-style anvils, with custom tooling sets. Adjacent to the classroom is the working studio of Fine Architectural Metalsmiths. The upstairs showroom in the renovated 1890’s Borden’s Creamery Icehouse is an idea factory of design and technique.