CeramiCar Handcrafted Cookie Jars - 1950s Style Ice Cream Truck_Original_1CeramiCar creates ceramic cookie jars in the shapes of cars and trucks from the thirties, forties and fifties.

Handcrafted and stylized ceramic cookie jars, tea sets and canisters in 1950’s car, diner and brownstone motifs.

Ceramicar began in 1992. Products in the Ceramicar line average about 14″ in length, 9″ across the front and as much as 9 to 10″ high. (Average weight is about 6 lbs.) There are five body styles but many variations. They are produced using the slip casting process from original molds. Every step from casting to painting is hand done. They are produced in signed, numberd limited editions of 200.

Images from CeramiCar Handcrafted Cookie Jars: