Loominus Woodstock Wearable ArtLoominus Woodstock Wearable Art Collection of jackets are renowned for their impeccable tailoring, Loominus Woodstock, designed by Marsha Fleisher, has been creating art-to-wear scarves for men & women for over twenty years in the Hudson Valley of New York. Each Scarf is a opportunity for exploration, personally named with love and respect, and MADE IN AMERICA.

Exploring the mysterious nature of rayon chenille, mixing it with imported cashmere, and an occasional touch of fur has kept Loominus at the forefront of the luxury accessory market. Our Home Collection is now available in many colors to enhance your interiors and bring comfort, color and warmth into your everyday lifestyle.

Images From Loominus Woodstock Wearable Art:

The Woodstock Showroom carries a complete collection of scarves for men and women in an assortment of luscious colorways. We also design shawls, gorgeous jackets, hats, our newest Collage Jackets, and our extremely cozy throws and pillows for your home.

After a design is created, the production begins with a single strand of yarn being wound from its cone onto the warping wheel or mill. This continues, one strand at a time, following the instruction for the particular design, until all the warp threads are on the warping rnill. The warp is chained off and put into a bag with the weft yarn for the weavers to complete.

The warps are then sent cottage industry style to one of our many skilled weavers who work at home on large floor looms. The looms are much the same as have been used for thousands of years – shuttle, heddles, reed, treadles.