Ehstern Handcrafted Silk Jewelry - Orange Peach and Sea Foam Midi NecklaceEhstern Handcrafted Silk Jewelry is designed, dyed, and created in Kingston, NY from silk that is either repurposed, remnants, or Peace Silk.

Necklaces and bracelets come in a variety of beautiful colors.The designs incorporate metal, wood, glass, and bone with the hand-crafted and dyed silk cords. The jewelry is incredibly soft, light, comfortable, and wearable.

While studying Studio Art in college, I fell in love with all things fiber – from fabric dyeing, to sewing, to weaving and beyond. I worked as a stitcher in the costume shop of our theatre department where I would collect fabric scraps and other materials that I would repurpose into sculptures, installations, and weavings for my art classes. My rescuing of a large amount of silk that was headed for the trash was one of the key factors in how my journey in making silk jewelry began – that combined with inspiration from Lorna Moffat’s ‘Silk Unraveled’ and a lot of experimentation in technique and design on my part.

Some Creations From Ehstern Handcrafted Silk Jewelry: