Rocky Hill Forge is a Hudson Valley based blacksmithing, silversmithing, and knife making & sharpening company using traditional methods to accomplish contemporary goals.

100% of the designs and parts for our products are made in house. Their knives and iron components are all made in a coal forge using a hand hammer and traditional methods. Lumber is either harvested from local fallen trees or is reclaimed from wood that would have been burned or otherwise disposed of. All precious metals used are hand formed with traditional tools and methods. Knife sharpening is done entirely with Japanese whetstones to accommodate each knife’s individual edge geometry.

Some Rocky Hill Forge Products:

Intro Chef’s Knife
Petty Knife
Petty Knife
Iron and Copper Basting Spoons
Hammer Textured Iron Salt Bowls
Vegetable Knife
Japanese Inspired Petty Knife
Copper Salt Spoon
Plating Tweezers
Hand Made Copper Ladle
Hammer Textured Copper Platter
Sugar Maple Lemon Juicer