New Prospect Pottery
New Prospect Pottery offers handmade functional ceramics for the home.

Group firings are held in the 40 cubic foot gas kiln built by Lynn and fellow potter and friend Deborah Rosenbloom. Potters from all around the tri state area come together to glaze and fire their work. These firings are held approximately every two months throughout the year.

“The pottery built a gas kiln in the Spring of 2011. This kiln enables us to fire our pottery during the winter months. Workshops for potters who are interested in firing their pots in a reduction atmosphere have been a resounding success.  Each firing that New Prospect Pottery does has more and more participants.  There are many glazes formulated just for this kiln.  We have seen terrific results from our celadons, shinos, tenmokus and we are constantly ‘tweeking’ our available glaze list.”