Catskill Mountain BroomworksCatskill Mountain Broomworks creates handmade brooms that are carefully constructed, weaved and stitched by hand. All of our brooms are handcrafted using natural materials and no two brooms are ever exactly alike.

Our artisan brooms have an artistic flair and our high quality of craftsmanship creates a unique design to each and every handmade broom. Our broom handles are crafted from a variety of woods, iron, antlers, or whatever you can think of. We do not use your typical dowel handle unless requested. At Catskill Mountain Broomworks we hand craft many different styles of brooms to include; pot scrubbers, cake testers, fly swatters, whisk broom, willow besom broom, turkey wing broom, hawk tail broom, cob web broom, fireplace broom, utility/cabin/camper broom, kitchen broom and the mountain broom.

Should you desire a custom handmade broom, we will be happy to handcraft the broom to your specifications. In addition to our standard line of handcrafted brooms, should you desire a broom which replicates the Puritan and Shaker eras, a wedding broom, ritual broom or cleansing broom, we will happily handcraft that broom for you with our high standard of quality.

Our broom shop is located in the foothills of the Catskill Mountains along the historic Shawangunk Ridge in Sullivan County, NY. Here at Catskill Mountain Broomworks we take you back in time to the 1800’s. We carefully craft, weave and stitch handcrafted brooms. We use antique broom making equipment, producing beautiful and useable corn brooms. We have many different styles of brooms to choose from.

Images from Catskill Mountain Broomworks: