Tidy ThymeTidy Thyme is a 100% plant-powered cleaning and home fragrance line that is hand-crafted in small-batches in a cozy Upstate NY studio.

Tidy Thyme Products have no artificial ingredients, preservatives, colors, fragrances or animal testing practices are ever used in their products. Products are Phthalate, Paraben, Sulfate & Formaldehyde FREE.

Founder Michelle Boyle found that even many of the popular “green” alternative cleaning agents contained hidden chemicals and even known carcinogens. So, in 2008, she began making and using her own creations in her professional cleaning service (Green Genies—Albany, NY). After 6 years of experimenting and using these solutions daily, she gave into the urgings from her husband and launched the Tidy Thyme line to the public in 2014.

Michelle believes that wellness is found in the realization that everything is interconnected, and that clean is not simply the lack of “germs” but also the absence of toxic chemicals and toxic energy. The practice of cleaning the home with pure plant-based ingredients and focused intention affects our entire well being and honors our bodies and our homes as the sacred vessels that they are.

Some Tidy Thyme Products:

  • Dusting Spray – For use on wood, leather, cabinets, and other sealed solid surfaces. Mixed with our Signature essential oil blend, this spray is simple, clean and the epitome of fresh.
  • Multi-Purpose Concentrate – Don’t be fooled by the pretty packaging, the sustainable glass bottle, and the fresh aroma of lemon, lavender and thyme essential oils, this product is one mean dirt and grime fighting machine!
  • signature: Lavender, Lemon, Thyme Spray – Our signature essential oil blend is simple, clean and the epitome of fresh. Allow the bright aroma of lavender, lemon and thyme essential oils to soothe your soul and lift your spirits.
  • Mommy On The Move – On-the-go size cleaning product for intentional parenting! This gentle yet effective cleanser is great for high chairs, changing tables, shopping carts, sticky hands and situations! Our blend of essential oils and other plant-based ingredients, will create a soothing, clean atmosphere for you and baby.
  • Yoga Mat Cleaner – Our yoga mat cleaner blends essential oils with witch hazel to achieve safe and thoughtful sanitation of your yoga mat. Using this cleanser is a great way to start and finish your practice. Allow the therapeutic essential oils of frankincense, lavender and pink grapefruit to cleans your mat and ease you into a meditative state, enhancing your practice. Keep this on-the-go cleaner in your gym or yoga bag and no one will ever know how hard you work to look that good.