Sweet Bunny Gluten Free Bakery- Coconut Caramel CheesecakeSweet Bunny Gluten Free Bakery products are one-hundred percent gluten free and infinitely delicious. Here at Sweet, our bakers are dedicated to creating mouthwatering products that satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth. We use a high-end quality gluten free flour mix that leaves our treats fluffy and light.

Because we use no other flours on our premises, we can promise that there is no cross contamination of gluten in our baked goods. Our staff is committed to knowing what goes into our products and how they are made, so please feel free to ask questions. We are delighted to be able to provide those who are gluten free (for medical reasons or otherwise) the chance to eat delicious delicacies once again.

Sweet Bunny Gluten Free Bakery circulates their flavors of gelato and dairy free sorbet. We always have twelve flavors. The gelato comes from two Italian brothers in Albany and is delivered to us. The milk is hormone-free and there is no artificial flavoring.

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