Bread Fellows 2Bread Fellows grew out of a love of bread, a desire to learn the craft of bread making, and a need for locally made bread. Bread Fellows makes bread with organic flours and grains. Much of it is milled, right here in New York State.

All of the breads made by Bread Fellows are made pre-ferment. Pre-ferment is sometimes made from a previous batch of dough– a piece of dough is saved, feed it with flour and water to propagate the yeast, and then add it to a new dough. They also make small batches of dough and let them sit for 12-16 hours, which develops flavor. These starter doughs are then mixed with more ingredients, making bigger batches of dough.

Images from Bread Fellows:

Some of the breads from Bread Fellows:

  • Cranberry Orange Sunflower Bread – Toasted sunflower seeds in a wheat floured loaf, that’s full of orange–zest AND juice plus dried cranberries.
  • Pumpernickel Bread – A large, delicious, multi-purpose bread made with hints of molasses, cocoa and orange extract. Made with organic rye and wheat flours.
  • French Country Bread – An organic, mild sourdough bread with a touch of rye. Eat it for breakfast, try it for lunch, have it for dinner….
  • Apple Raisin Walnut Bread – The name says it all–a wheat bread full of apples, raisins and walnuts!
    (organic flours and raisins)
  • Rye Bread – Classic sourdough rye bread made with caraway seeds. (organic flours)
  • Multigrain Madness Bread – A personal favorite–a sourdough organic wheat bread made with an overnight soaker of rye chops, sunflower seeds, oats and flax seeds. Full of flavor–healthy, too!
  • Apple Bread – Another favorite. A sourdough apple bread made with cider and bakers’ apples. Equally at home served with cheese for lunch, or toasted with honey for breakfast. Made with organic flour.