Frankfurt-Crown-CakeFrankfurt Crown Cake from Brandenburg Pastry Bakery in Jeffersonville, NY is a unique Hudson Valley Sojourner Pick. Aside from great aesthetics, it’s a cake made from a German heirloom recipe with organic flour and local ingredients, and it has a history.

Here’s what the folks at Brandenburg Pastry Bakery say about this cake:

“The Frankfurter Kranz was first mentioned in 1735 when a well-known confectioner from the city of Frankfurt designed this cake. Unfortunately, it is impossible to say whether its name alluded to the coronation of Charles VI in 1711 or rather referred to the city’s status. However, it can be assumed that the ring shaped cake symbolized the crown, the
“Krokant” coating (caramel-covered brittle nuts) representing the gold coating and the red maraschino cherries on top being the equivalent of the rubies ornamenting the royal crowns.”