Gold Star Chimney Cakes are an authentic European pastry, known as Kürtöskalács in Hungary. It’s known for its shape, sweetness and deliciousness. It can be enjoyed alone, with coffee / tea, filled with ice cream, Nutella, fruit and more! Visit us to see how they’re baked, what gives them the unique shape, why they’re called chimney cakes and to learn about the history!

Many customers have expressed so much happiness knowing that the pastry they ate while studying abroad is now local or that the pastry that reminds them of home, can now be accessible at a closer distance. Chimney Cakes are soft on the inside but have a crisp shell, giving them the capability to hold ice cream or any other divine filling!

They’re truly quite sensational & entertaining. Start pulling them apart piece by piece and you’ll find yourself enjoying the entire thing!

Chimney Cake Toppings:

  • Toppings Available Now: Traditional Sugar, Cinnamon Sugar or Nutella Filled
  • Toppings Coming Soon: Rainbow Sprinkles, Toasted Sesame, Fruity Pebbles, Walnuts
  • Fillings Coming Soon: Peanut Butter, Ice Cream

Pre-Order / Catering:
Chimney Cakes are available to order! If you’d like to pre-order Chimney Cakes, please give us a call or reach out to us via Email or Social Media. Pick up will be at the Emporium Square in Middletown, NY.