La Belle Farm has been producing superior quality Foie Gras from its 40-acre duck farm situated in the fertile foothills of New York’s Catskill Mountains. Over the course of two years, La Belle’s team busily researched and developed a unique Foie Gras production process. They traveled to Europe, where they studied the duck processing industry and identified methods to develop a better-tasting product.

Today, using a special crossbred Moulard Duck, La Belle has refined that process to yield a superior tasting Foie Gras, while at the same time rendering off less fat than others in the market. All La Belle’s products are processed and packaged in the company’s U.S.D.A. inspected plants to ensure the highest quality and freshness. Their selections include Grade A, B, C, as well as Euro, Petite, Butter, and Portion Sliced Foie Gras.

Working closely with neighboring Cochecton Mills and their staff of nutrition experts, Le Belle can provide its flocks an all-natural feed, free of hormones, vaccines, and unnatural alterations. The selection of feed is essential in raising a healthy animal, and La Belle Strives to produce a natural, stable diet.

La Belle Fois Gras ProductsFois Gras Products

Four generations of our family have committed themselves to produce the world’s best Foie Gras with a unique process that minimizes stress on our ducks and mimics natural feeding. The taste tells you everything you need to know.

La Belle Farm Smoked & Cured Duck ProductsSmoked & Cured Poultry Products

Whether it’s a full breast or appetizing wing drumettes, there’s nothing like the taste of smoked poultry. We use both apple and hickory wood smoke to enhance the rich, sweet flavor of our duck and chicken products. Our customers know these smoked selections quickly become the culinary stars of any entertainment feast of which they are a part.

La Belle Farm Duck Meat

Duck Meat Products

We may be known for our Foie Gras, but we believe in ensuring that the entire duck is utilized and produced to the highest food quality standards. We process all of our poultry animals fully.

La Belle Duck Sausage ProductsDuck Sausage Products

We start with a blend of rich herbs and spices, which, when mixed in the right proportions with freshly ground duck meat, renders a sausage product, unlike any other you’ve ever tasted. Best of all, it comes in several styles, including andouille (for a great new take on jambalaya) and chorizo.