Vulto Creamery - Walton Umber CheeseVulto Creamery is located in Walton, a small town in the western Catskills of New York where it produces a variety of handmade cheese in small batches, using raw milk of the highest quality, obtained from local dairy farmers. The creamery was started by Jos Vulto, once called Brooklyn’s “favorite urban cheesemaker”.

Walton, NY being a very rural area with plenty of dairy farms, it was the perfect place to produce cheese. He started construction of the creamery in 2010 and after some tragic delays, finally produced the first legal batch in 2012.

Images From Vulto Creamery:

Vulto Creamery Cheeses:

    Ouleout (OH-lee-out) is a semi-soft washed rind cheese named after a creek nearby. This small but robust cheese is pungent and meaty with briny and savory notes and a soft and gooey paste.
    Walton Umber is a simple tomme-style cheese named after the town where it is made. This cheese with its basket weave rind is aged anywhere from 3 to 6 months and has excellent melting properties. Walton Umber is fruity and buttery when young and it develops notes of roasted vegetables and toasted hazelnuts as it matures.
    Miranda, named after Jos Vulto’s late wife, is small rosy button of cheese, washed in a locally produced absinthe called Meadow of Love. This easy entry washed rind cheese with its smooth and silky paste is savory yet sweet with notes of cultured butter and wet hay.
    Andes is named after a nearby mountain hamlet. This mountain-style cheese aged from 6-12 months is full of buttery and fruity flavors with grassy and tropical notes. The paste is pliant and easily sliced, ideal for melting and thus perfect for fondue or raclette.
    Hamden is inspired by French cheeses such as Tomme de Savoie, Tomme de Crauyeuze and Tomme de Bauge. Originally conceived as a “wild Ouleout” by taking a few wheels from the Ouleout batch and letting the rind develop naturally, it slowly developed into its own cheese. Since then it bears its name from the neighboring hamlet. The paste is semi-soft with aromas of the forest and notes of milk, grass and wet hay. The diversity of moulds and yeasts on the rind adds an earthy crunch to the sensory experience.