Located in Millbrook, NY Arch River Farm has been in business for over 40 years. Arch River Farm is focused on growing high quality birds and beef. Our animals live in open pastures and comfort to ensure top quality – we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.

Products from Arch River Farm:

– Porterhouse Steak
– Rib
– Sirloin
– Siroin Tip
– Brisket
– Chuck
– Eye of the Round
– Flat Iron
– Top Round
– Bottom Round
– Short Ribs
– Hamburger
– Stew Beef
– Soup Shank
– Hotdogs

– Chops
– Loin Roast
– Butt Roast
– Sausage
(Hot, Sweet or Breakfast)
– Spare Ribs
– Country Style Ribs
– Ham Steak
– Hocks
– Fat Back
– Pork Lard
– Neck Bones
– Feet

Smoked Pork:
– Hams
– Bacon
– Bacon Ends
– Hocks

– Lamb Chops
– Lamb Roast
– Ground Lamb
– Leg of Lamb

Chicken Roasters:
Whole or half packaged – price per pound

Whole – packaged – price per pound

Packaged – price per pound – To be determined
(Will be available for Thanksgiving – taking orders now; a $25 deposit is required)

Packaged – price per pound
(Packaged Pheasant will be available mid-August)

Other products, based on season and availability:
Fresh chicken eggs
Garden vegetables