Mindful Kitchens - Fennel SalamiMindful Kitchens was created as an innovative solution to satisfy desires for products that do not exist. Unsatisfied with the commercially available offerings of meat and cheese alternatives, we began to make our own at home. Technical and culinary creativity, attention to detail, and many, many, test batches later we developed the products you can now enjoy.

At Mindful Kitchens, we are bringing this Charcuterie experience to the table; meat-free. Enjoy our seitan sausages and vegan pâté on your charcuterie board!

We started this company with the mission to elevate vegan cuisine, share our appreciation of food, and promote sustainable lifestyles. We invite all conscious eaters to join our feast!


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Images from Mindful Kitchens:

Some products from Mindful Kitchens:

  • Forest Mushroom & Walnut
    Our flagship pâté is liver-free and flavor full. This spread boasts 4 kinds of mushrooms that combine for unparalleled flavor. Porcini and shiitake mushrooms bring the flavor of the forest to your plate, while wood ear and oyster mushrooms balance out the earthiness with subtle flavors and rich texture.
  • Roasted Beet & Cashew
    Brilliantly red and mindfully crafted, our Beet Pate is a delightful balance of naturally sweet root vegetables and savory herbs. We then blend in fresh cashew cream to this luxurious taste sensation. This veggie spread is stunningly good for all of the senses. Our Roasted Beet pate is a great metaphor for Mindful Kitchens; it is simple yet sophisticated, with limitless possibilities.
  • Vegalitarian Burger
    A veggie burger built for the people. This burger contains none of the major allergens and is enjoyed by all that try it. A hearty base of sweet potatoes, rolled oats, and kasha ensure that this burger is loaded with nutrition. Grilled eggplant, Portobello mushrooms, roasted red peppers leave no doubt that about this burger’s flavor. Sunflower and pumpkin seeds, and oat bran add satisfying crunchy texture. Rounding out this masterpiece is a tasteful spice blend from your friend’s at Mindful Kitchens.
  • Fennel Salami
    These sausage slices are our take on a classic cured meat. Infused with fennel and black peppercorns, this sausage will have you daydreaming about the Tuscan countryside: vegan style. This Salami is excellent on top of a pizza, tossed in pasta, fried up for breakfast, or paired with a glass of wine.
  • Miso-Maple Steak Strips
    Vegan steak? You heard it right, vegan steak. This protein packed product can be sliced, seared, and grilled, but no cows were harmed in the making of this meal. We’ve improved your favorite steak vegan or otherwise, by adding beautiful organic vegetables right in the steak. The marinade is made from a unique fusion of authentic Japanese brown rice miso, and an American favorite: maple syrup. This duo makes the perfect sweet and salty combination.