Grand Gorge Garlic & Maple - Purple Stripe - Persian Star Garlic 2Grand Gorge Garlic & Maple grows organic Garlic USDA Certified Organic and NOFA-NY Certified Organic and Maple Syrup from the Catskill Mountains of beautiful New York State!. The focus is on optimum soil, rich in organic matter, free of chemical fertilization. The six hard-neck varieties we grow are off the charts in flavor and bulb longevity.

The farm is located in Grand Gorge, NY at an elevation of 2000 feet above sea level. The remote mountain top knoll is isolated and pristine, and the high mountains that surround the farm provide the perfect essence to grow great garlic.

The fall garlic crop is planted in October to coincide with the new moon. Bitter cold and frigid biting winds that follow provide the ideal harsh conditions that garlic loves. The garlic beds easily experience sub-zero -30 degree ambient temperatures. A six inch layer of organic alfalfa straw is applied to stabilize soil temperatures during winter which also suppress weeds during the growing season.

Maple Syrup is:
– Sourced ONLY from our High Elevation Maple Trees!
– Wood Fired in highly efficient, stainless steel Evaporator!
– Bottled in Unique Italian Glass! No Plastic!
– High Altitude!

Images from Grand Gorge Garlic & Maple:

PURE Maple Syrup is from the Catskill Mountains of beautiful New York State!

Garlic types from Grand Gorge Garlic & Maple:

  • Marbled Purple Stripe
    *Rich and interesting flavors
    – Large and fewer cloves, yielding 4-7 cloves per bulb.
    – Long storage life
    – This is our second tallest garlic plant reaching heights of six feet.
  • Rocambole
    ‘Spanish Roja’ and ‘Kilarney Red’ complex and bold in flavor.
    With 6 to 11 cloves per bulb, one pound of Rocambole grows 50+ plants.
    – Our rocamboles are well grown and well cured.
    – We do not cut our scapes, creating a more nutrient rich, larger garlic head.
    – Grown at high altitude on a remote Catskill Mountain top in organic fertile soil.
    – Fully protected from sun at harvest.
    – Harvested later than most due to altitude and hung in our wooden barn to dry with constant cool mountain breezes.
    – Our Rocamboles are easy to peel.
  • Pskem
    ‘Pskem Uzbekistan’
    * Deep garlic character, very flavorful.
    – Avg: Four large cloves per bulb.
    – Purple coloring from a remote region of early remote civilization.
  • Asiatic
    ‘Turban Uzbekistan’
    * Full flavored.
    – First to dig up and eat.
    – Referred to as the summer apple of garlic.
    – Produces large bulbs, colors range from a beige, pink to purple.
    – The only garlic we grow that the scape does not coil, but droops.
  • Porcelain
    ‘Romanian Red’
    *Good complexity of flavors and high in allicin (antioxidant).
    – Towers over other garlic by an average of two feet in height.
    – Bulbs purple red in color.
    – Yields 4-5 large cloves per bulb.

Where to find Grand Gorge Organic Garlic