The Chop Shop - Deer Meat CutsWhether it’s cutting your prize deer or record setting black bear,  the Chop Shop Deer Cutting is your cutting service. Offering a variety of options in how to get your deer or bear cut up and ready for the freezer. The Chop Shop now has a verity of extras to fit anyone’s tastes. We now offer Italian and Hot Italian Sausage as well as Breakfast Sausage; we also offer the option for other treats from our smokehouse such as Jerky and Summer Sausage.

If you’re a hunter that loves the thrill of the hunt but doesn’t so much like the taste of the animal you hunt consider the option to donate your meat. We accept donations of meat that we cut and process and give to the needy in the local area. If you don’t want the meat, we know some people that could really use it.