Farm Candy - Chocolate Bar-Strawberry Basil Black PepperAt Farm Candy, we believe that everyday life should be full of beautiful and delicious yet simple pleasures. Nowhere is that more evident than at our dining table – we are passionate about inspired eating. Balancing the wholesome simplicity of farm-quality ingredients with a touch of urban sophistication, we make small-batch handcrafted artisanal products that allow even the busiest person or inexperienced cook to transform simple dishes into something extraordinary.

Our mission is simple, we hope by elevating everyday pantry items we will inspire you to share with your own family and friends the same love and passion we infuse in every batch of Farm Candy and Hampton Pantry by Farm Candy. Using only the finest and freshest ingredients, we produce the most delicious, stylish, creative, hand-crafted small batch artisanal pantry provisions.

Farm Candy Flavors

FC Chocolate Bar-Blood Orange Fennel Bar
FC Gourmet Chocolate Cardamom Rose Milk
FC Chocolate Bar-Cardamom Rose Bar
FC Gourmet Chocolate Chocolate Chipotle Milk
FC Chocolate Bar-Chocolate Chipotle Bar
FC Gourmet Chocolate Pink Himalayan Flower Dark
FC Chocolate Bar-Farm Candy Signature Pink Himalayan Bar
FC Gourmet Chocolate Lavender Ginger Milk
FC Chocolate Bar-Lavender Ginger Bar
FC Gourmet Chocolate Mango Habanero Dark
FC Chocolate Bar-Mango Habanero Pepper Salt
FC Gourmet Chocolate Raspberry Hibiscus Dark
FC Chocolate Bar-Raspberry Hibiscus Rose Salt
FC Gourmet Chocolate Strawberry Basil Dark
FC Chocolate Bar-Strawberry Basil Black Pepper
FC Gourmet Chocolate Strawberry Sriracha Dark
FC Chocolate Bar-Strawberry Sriracha Salt
FC Chocolate Bar-Tangerine Thyme
FC Gourmet Chocolate Tropical Fruit Dark
FC Chocolate Bar-Tropical Fruit Chipotle Black Hawaiian Sea Salt Bar
FC Chocolate Bar-Vanilla Chamomile
FC Chocolate Bar-Wild Blueberry Meyer Lemon Mint
Assorted Caramels – 6 Piece
FC Chocolate Caramel-6 piece Box

Farm Candy Products

Salts, Sugars and Spices

Unique, colorful and wonderfully aromatic, our salts, sugars and spices form the signature collection of the Farm Candy brand. Each of these blends mixes unexpected ingredients and flavors for surprising and delightful combinations. Hand-mixed in small quantities, there may be slight variations from batch to batch, but each will be infused with all of our founder’s passion and inspiration. We give you plenty of suggestions for how to use our salts, sugars and spices but we encourage you to spark your own culinary creativity as well.

Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oils & Vinegars

These wonderful organic award winning extra virgin olive oils and vinegars are grown, hand-picked and produced on small organic family farms situated in the rolling hills of California’s Central Coast. The oils are cold pressed along with the actual fruit and herbs for an elegant, balanced blend of natural flavor – nothing else added, just real ingredients pressed with the olives. We have tried many oils all over the world and find these to be of superior quality.

Farm Candy Gourmet Chocolate Collection

Our extraordinary Farm Candy chocolate bars are truly works of art. Handcrafted in small batches and made with the world’s finest organic, Fair-Trade certified 72% dark and milk chocolate by Chocolatier Maria Valente and then flavored with our incredible assortment of Farm Candy Artisanal Salts and Sugars creating unique flavor profiles not found anywhere else. Each bar contains at least 72% cacao, nutrient dense, sustainably-sourced ingredients. Our dark bars are Gluten and Dairy Free. You won’t find a more beautiful and delicious bar of chocolate!

Salsas, Sauces and Savories

Our amazing collection of salsas, sauces and savories are some of the best you will ever taste. Each jar is made by hand in small batches by using only the freshest, local organic ingredients. One taste and you will make sure to keep your pantry stocked with all of them.

Tea and Sweets

Perfectly blended teas and the most most delectable marmalades and dessert toppings you will ever taste. Made for us by small local farmers and true artisans in small batches by hand, a finer tasting selection will not be found anywhere else.