Rye Dog WhiskeyLike moonshine on the Delaware River. Local whiskey like days gone by from the Delaware Phoenix Distillery.

Rye Dog, artisanal unaged whiskey made the Off The Beaten Palate list.

“Rye Dog is a clear, unaged whiskey made in the same manner as rye whiskey. The only difference is that rye whiskey is placed in oak barrels following distillation for aging while so-called white whiskies such as Rye Dog are placed in stainless steel containers and not rested much at all. Rye Dog is a full flavored whiskey almost more similar to an eau-de-vie and without oak to obscure the flavors from the distilled grain. And Rye Dog used the same grain bill as Delaware Phoenix Rye Whiskey: 10% malted rye and 90% rye grain.”