JustAbout-Fudge-3JustAbout Fudge is a husband and wife team that works side by side, striving to be the best handmade fudge around. It started a few years ago after spending a good amount of money on a small amount of fudge. Curiousity “killed the cat” and Justin took to the internet to see how to make fudge. He has since made his own recipes and perfected them.

Fudge truly is a science and Justin is a fudge scientist. He takes pride in making it by hand with fresh ingredients and made to order. Michelle handles the networking, social media and sales. Our goal is to be the BEST fudge company in the northeast without losing the personal touch of being handmade.

“It is important to us, to keep a fresh “homemade and handmade” approach to all our JustAbout Fudge products. We continuously strive to create new exciting and fun flavors! The experience of not only serving satisfied customers, but also putting a smile on peoples faces gives us the motivation to be the best local and family oriented business we can be.”


Flavors Crafted By JustAbout Fudge:

Chocolate Coconut
Chocolate Walnut
Chocolate with M&M’s
Dark Chocolate
Dark Chocolate Almond
Dark Chocolate Raspberry
Dark Chocolate Walnut
Maple Walnut
Oreo Explosion
Peanut Butter Chocolate
White Chocolate