Green Bee GreenhouseGreen Bee Greenhouse is a small family-owned nursery located in Cornwallville, NY, that grows vegetable starts, perennials, and shrubs including small fruits.

Green Bee Greenhouse believes strongly in good land stewardship so they grow organically though they are not certified. They  refuse to sell plants that are known to be invasive. Their plants are available at their greenhouse and at many offsite venues.

“At Greene Bee Greenhouse, our philosophy is to grow responsibly, which to us means respecting nature. We strive to cultivate a healthy ecology from the soil up by using copious amount of compost and only organic (non-synthetic, non-petroleum based) fertilizers. This method promotes a biologically diverse soil system that supports sustained and healthy plant growth. We grow and sell plants that to the best of our knowledge coexist peacefully with the indigenous species of our region, while simultaneously striving to offer broad and unique variety. “