Kraftify Brewing Company - BrewsIn an unexpected transformation, Pine Island’s old neighborhood firehouse has become the inviting home of Kraftify Brewing Company. Featuring all of the beloved brewing equipment, craft beer lovers can come and view the process that goes into creating such crisp, unique, and delectable recipes.

Kraftify Brewing Company offers distinct and delicious individualized custom craft beer to its patrons. You can cozy up at the rustic barn wood bar as the owner and his wife welcome visitors. It’s a friendly environment where people from all walks of life can find common ground over enjoying great brews. That’s what Kraftify loves to do: welcome unique people for a fresh and memorable beer, made by hand using traditional methods and the highest quality ingredients.

Selections from Krftify Brewing Company:
Pine Island IPA
One of our most popular beers is our Pine Island IPA. Inspired by the owner’s wife Susan who has yet to try a beer with enough hops for her liking, the Pine Island IPA is aggressively hopped with Apollo, and Centennial hops to create an unmistakably hoppy flavor. This American-styled IPA has a light amber color, smooth finish, and boasts an ABV of 7.9%.

Pine Island Ale
The Pine Island Ale was inspired by traditional Scottish Ales brewed in the mid 19th century. Hop additions are very mild and added primarily for their balancing and persevering characteristics rather than for flavor. The Pine Island Ale is a beautiful mahogany color and very soft on the palate. Pale malts are used generously to produce a delectably sweet, and smooth finish. This is the owner’s favorite beer brewed to date. ABV 6.6%