Urban Roots Kitchen - Smoothie BowlUrban Roots Kitchen is a Saratoga juice bar serving farm to mouth, grab-and-go, get back to your roots, awesomeness… for real busy people and couch aficionados who want to choose real food, real fast.

Urban Roots Kitchen is for everyone—from vegan to vegetarian to paleo to keto to paleo-keto-vegetarian to maybe you just want to balance out the lasagna and wine you know you’ll be having seconds of at dinner.

We believe in getting back to our roots and bringing local farms to urban communities – starting with Saratoga Springs! We make lip-smacking juices, smoothies, açai bowls and ‘holy crap this is awesome’ avocado toasts that’ll rev up your life. We work with local farms to bring you the freshest ingredients so you can feel good about what’s going in your body. If we don’t make it, our freakishly talented neighbors do. We partner with local businesses to bring you fresh, healthy food from our community. We like them and hope they like us, too.

We cold press our juices – otherwise, what’s the point? Our state-of-the-art hydraulic press squeezes the heck out of a whole lotta fruits and vegetables to bring you fresh juice with 100% nutrition. We believe in doing it right and so we splurged on the nice, shiny machine that keeps every enzyme, vitamin and mineral intact – from the plant to you. Our Goodnature Juice Press is the cream of the local crop with its patent-pending grinder. We’re pretty in love with this state-of-the-art juicing system, which—can we get a drum roll—delivers 420 bottles of cold-pressed, raw juice an hour!

The smoothies? Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know they’re blended. Urban Roots Kitchen takes fresh fruits and vegetables and add in a few powerhouse mixers like hemp seed, CBD oil, protein powder, almond milk or coconut milk, that are sure to rev you up for your day. So, if you love the sound of four blenders beating the pulp out of some serious produce, our supercharged smoothies are for you.

Selections From The Urban Roots Kitchen Menu:

  • FIRST BASE JUICE – A blend of local/organic cucumber, celery, apple, kale, lemon + ginger that creates a delicious starter green juice. Next stop – world domination.
  • 24 CARROT JUICE – Perfectly curated local/organic carrot, red apple, green apple, lemon + ginger makes this juice more precious than a diamond. Or at least close.
  • TART CHERRY RECOVERY JUICE – 100% Organic tart cherry + lime + turmeric + coconut water + agave for the ultimate recovery.
  • BLK LEMON JUICE – Make your friends jealous on insta with this blend of good old-fashioned organic lemons + alkaline water with a hint of agave. But wait…we added charcoal + clay for a cleansing lemonade that makes you cooler.
  • B-A-N-A-N-A-S SMOOTHIE – Like the fergie song… or is it gwen? A luscious blend of organic banana, peanut butter, cacao nibs, agave, almond milk and cocao nibs topping creates this badass drink. Let me hear you say, This smoothie is bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S!
  • BERRY POWERFUL SMOOTHIE – When you pair organic blueberry, strawberry and raspberry with rolled oats, oat milk, agave and flaxseed, you have smoothie perfection and conquer-the-world energy. A seedy af berry smoothie – in a very good way.
  • MEAN GREEN SMOOTHIE – An energizing blend of organic spinach, mango, pineapple, banana, pineapple-coconut water + shredded coconut topping makes for the perfect starter
  • BEETS PLEASE SMOOTHIE – Bodacious in every way, we’ve paired organic mango, strawberry, ginger + beets with a whole lotta lemon + coconut water to give you nothing short of flavor madness. An exotic rush that will have you saying ‘beets, please’ to all that bad life energy.
  • AVOCADO + FIESTA – Sourdough + Guac + Roasted Corn + Pickled Onions + Feta + URK Seasoning
  • BOWL 1 – PITAYA – BASE: Pitaya + Pineapple + Mango + Strawberry + Lime + Coconut Water. TOPPINGS: Tropical Fruit + Toasted Coconut + Goji Berries + GF Granola + Peanut Butter + Agave Drizzle
  • BOWL 3 – TROPICAL BERRY – BASE: Mixed Berries + Banana + Avocado + Agave + Almond Milk. TOPPINGS: Tropical Fruit + Seasonal Berries + Toasted Coconut + GF Granola + Peanut. Butter + Agave Drizzle
  • ASIAN GINGER POWER BOWL – Quinoa + Arugula + Roasted Broccoli + Pickled Carrots + Edamame + Asian Slaw + Avo + Black Sesame Seeds + Mandarin Oranges + Garlic Sesame Dressing
    SMOKED SPINACH POWER BOWL. – Spinach + Quinoa + Smoked Salmon + Pickled Onions + Hard-Boiled Egg + Avo + Cherry Tomatoes + Capers + Lemon Citronette