Victoria GardensSitting up on a hill, Victoria Gardens is set on a 375 million year old bedrock shelf that was under the ocean. The rock’s surface is covered with fossils of shells and other sea creatures. This bedrock is the magical setting for a nursery with vignettes of complementary plants that provide a visual sense of how they will look in your own garden.

Inside the beautiful cedar-sided building, white maples cut from the property tower from floor to ceiling. The columns of trees and huge south facing windows gives the building the look and feel of a church, a place where gardeners might come to pay homage to the newest Echinacea hybrid, or the autumn-blooming clematis.

Victoria Gardens carries a line of giftware for the stylish gardener: tools, pottery, jewelry, seasonal decorations, outdoor furniture, and organic alternatives to insecticides, fungicides, and fertilizers. Victoria Gardens is more than a spectacular, rock-top nursery and garden center; it is a little piece of horticultural heaven.