Penny Lick Ice Cream Company brings the slow food movement to ice cream. Fresh, local ingredients made in small artisan batches. Remarkable flavors that are a unique experience.

Penny Lick Ice Cream Company was founded in 2013 with the simple mission of creating and selling old-fashioned, custard based ice cream. Ingredients are fresh and local, just like their final product with no fillers or stabilizers. Ingredients include heavy cream, cream-lined whole milk, eggs and sugar.

Penny Lick offers well-loved, classic ice cream flavors, like Vanilla Bean, Milk Chocolate, Fresh Mint Chip and Kona Coffee as well as their own special creations, which have been warmly received by customers.

The Penny Lick Ice Cream push cart can be found at farmer’s markets and special events in Westchester County. Penny Lick Ice Creams are available in pints, cups, push pops, sandwiches and cakes. They also take custom cake orders, and are available for parties and special events.

Please check their website for dates and locations.


A few Penny Lick Ice Cream Selections:

Drunken Pumpkin
Our smooth, rich pumpkin ice cream is made with pure pumpkin, lots of complementary spices, and finished off with imperial ale. A fall favorite!

Blackberry Mint
We choose fat, tart blackberries in mid-to-late summer from New York state farms, and brighten their flavor with bunches of fresh Egyptian mint.

Ethiopian Macchiato
This is our most popular flavor, and was inspired by a recent trip to Africa. Macchiatos made with locally-grown and roasted Yergecheffe coffee, with an accent of dark chocolate, are popular in Ethiopia’s capital of Addis Ababa. Our ice cream pays tribute to this concoction.

White Chocolate Praline
A white chocolate ice cream, packed with buttery candied pecans. It’s our most decadent ice cream!